03 10 / 2014

White Stone Experience is a dream I never knew I had until God led me to it. Never in my life I actually thought that I will be a owner of a travel agency. Not even once. When I embarked on the journey, I am deeply aware that God knows me better than myself. I am passionate about the nations and travel is part of it. In my own small mind I would never have dreamt of this and now it is the…

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15 5 / 2014

12-Hour CHIJMES Worship Reflections

Worshippers @ 12-Hour Worship

12-Hour Worship Poster12-Hour Worship Flyers

It all started in mid-April when one of the worship leaders for CHIJMES Worship suggested to me that we should do a 12-Hour worship in CHIJMES Hall. Perhaps on Vesak Day 13 May 2013. Although my heart and spirit were excited about it, but my mind was uncertain as the CHIJMES Hall is usually fully booked on weekends and public holidays. The miracle of the 12-Hour CHIJMES Worship started.

  1. I went…

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27 4 / 2014

The Sword & Malchus


Malchus was only named in the account of John. He was the slave of the high priest whose ear was sliced off by Peter’s sword. The healing of his ear by Jesus was only mentioned in the account of Luke.

“50 And one of them struck the slave of the high priest and cut off his right ear. 51 But Jesus answered and said, “Stop! No more of this.” And He touched his ear and healed him. 52 Then Jesus said…

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03 4 / 2014



We judge by what we see.
Strength is the ability to pin opponent under
– at least in this world.

What if the truth is reversed?
The strongest is the one who is willing to be pinned under,
because he IS stronger.

The victory won is not by putting another under.
It is the power to go from under to the highest,
within just three days.

The power to turn the most cruel scars into…

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28 3 / 2014

History of Temple Mount in Video

Found this video that tells the story of the Temple Mount so clear and well that I just want to share it here!

25 3 / 2014



Spoken words don’t come easy
The usual quiet missy

Often times nothing to add
Often times enjoying the chat

Sometimes visualising the words
Sometimes drifting to another place

Few times wanting the noise to end
Few times tempted to walk away

It is not easy to understand my silence
Perhaps I will tell you when you question

My mind and my heart through audible words
Only come when I am in restful…

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20 3 / 2014


I was at a huge Christian meeting and a well-known Christian speaker was speaking on the gift of Word of Knowledge. When faith is applied to Word of Knowledge, the power gifts are released. At the end of the meeting, they prayed for those with physical sickness and called out various conditions through the Word of a Knowledge. Praise The Lord, 245 people were healedp tonight!

While those in…

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15 3 / 2014

Lion in the Wilderness


A sketch of a lion in a desert using colour pencils.

Singapore is a hot and wet city as we are very close to the equator. For almost 2 months we didn’t have rain. Our water reserve is running low but thank God that we do not need water ration. Compounding to this issue, the slash and burn practice in Indonesia and many fire spots in singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have caused haze. We are in…

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09 3 / 2014

Job’s Three Friends


The image of Job’s three friends have not been a positive one, neutral is possibly as good as it gets because they did not speak of God rightly.

It came about after the Lord had spoken these words to Job, that the Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite, “My wrath is kindled against you and against your two friends, because you have not spoken of Me what is right as My servant Job has. (Job 42:7 NASB)

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07 3 / 2014


As a Chinese in Asia, the concept of Buddhism Nirvana where the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion are extinguished, is not foreign. This is nothingness, in Chinese we call it 空 (kong1) which can also be translated as emptiness. There are many stories of men and women…

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